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Orlando family law attorney

Going through legal separation, annulment, child custody/support, or divorce in Orlando? This is a difficult time for you and your family, a time when you need support from a skilled and experienced lawyer. With West Family Law Group, you get the best Orlando family law attorney.

Family law and how it helps you

Deciding on whether and when you need a family lawyer in Orlando is no easy task. So how do you make this decision? You first examine your case dynamics: can you readily agree on the way forward with other parties? Can you fully trust that they’ll stick to the agreement and act in everyone’s best interest?

More often than not, you are not in the best of terms with other involved parties if you are in the process of legal separation, divorce, child custody, or annulment. In this case, you cannot know whether the other party will stick to the agreement and won’t try to use other means to get what they want. This is where an Orlando family law attorney comes in and helps you make the process that much easier, and if possible, more civil.

Should you settle your family law case out of court?

This largely depends on your particular case. If yours is a simple one where you and the other party involved have agreed on certain terms, and you trust they will keep their word, then, by all means, settle it out of court. However, more often than not, these arrangements never quite hold up and are not the best option for you.

The best option for you is to let me help you evaluate your case. I can help you have a clear vision of what you can expect the outcome to be if you go through the court process, versus what you get with an out of court settlement. And in all this process, we will consider the cost of the trial, the psychological impact the process can have on all the parties involved, and everything in between so that you can make an informed decision. 

What can a family lawyer help me with?

Family law legal issues are particularly difficult ones, mainly because of the high tension and emotions involved. This is already a trial for you, so let me come in and help you:

  • Navigate through the murky waters of divorce smoothly, protecting your rights throughout the process and ensuring you receive everything you rightly deserve.
  • Go through an adoption process the right way, avoiding any delays that may prolong the wait for the newest member of your home.
  • Settle a child custody case in the best way possible. Got a messy child custody battle? Let me make it easier for you.

Want to have a guardian for a family member? This is usually a long and confusing process, but not when you have West Family Law Group on your side. Our Orlando family law attorney is here to make the process smoother for you!

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Orlando family law attorney

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