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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Near Me

Nursing facilities are responsible for their residents’ medical needs. When they don’t meet that responsibility, the result is neglect, and the residents can suffer serious illnesses or injuries. You may be confused about the next step to take if your loved one has suffered harm in a nursing home.

The fact is, getting answers from the nursing facility can be nearly impossible. But your family member is hurt, and you have all the right to get to the bottom of things. If the situation involves medical malpractice in a nursing facility, and you’re searching for a nursing home abuse lawyer near me,’ we can help. At The Nail Law Firm, as one of the best law firms for medical malpractice law, our expert and aggressive attorneys will zealously fight for the rights of your loved one, including the compensation they deserve.

Nursing Home Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice in a nursing home occurs when the establishment or its employees engage in incompetent or careless conduct, causing harm to a resident. Any nursing home is expected to provide proper attention to their residents’ health issues. Instances of malpractice in a nursing facility can include:

  • Not providing prescribed medication
  • Allowing a resident to develop bedsores
  • Ignoring stated medical concerns of a resident

Considering some nursing home residents’ fragile state, the impact of medical malpractice can be severe and even be fatal. The medical malpractice law permits medical malpractice victims to recover damages.

How A Lawyer Can Help You

When you have experienced reputable medical malpractice lawyers like ours on your side, you can be confident that they know how to investigate the nursing home to uncover what actually happened to your beloved family member. Their investigation may entail:

  • Gaining access and preserving the medical information of your loved one, including the documentation of tests and treatment.
  • Identifying and interviewing witnesses who have information concerning the medical care of your beloved family member.
  • If necessary, expert testimony to establish whether the accepted standard of care was met regarding your loved one’s medical needs.

The best malpractice lawyer in town knows how to build a strong case that holds the negligent nursing home or caregivers accountable. They will also determine the cost of damages your family member has suffered. This can consist of pain, emotional distress, suffering, disability, and present and future medical bills.

If in the unfortunate event, your loved one has died because of medical negligence in a nursing facility, a lawyer can help you pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the nursing home.

Wrongful death claims are meant to compensate the surviving family members and estate for the untimely death of their beloved caused by negligence. The wrongful death damages can include funeral expenses, burial costs, loss of support, and more. A lawyer’s ultimate goal is to get a positive outcome either through a verdict or negotiated settlement.

Let Us Help You Resolve Your Nursing Home Medical Malpractice Case

If your loved one has fallen victim to medical malpractice in a nursing home, and you’re looking for a nursing home abuse lawyer near me,’ we are here for you. Our skilled and compassionate attorneys can handle your medical malpractice claim. You can take heart knowing we will diligently help you resolve your case. Contact The Nail Law Firm for your free consultation with an experienced lawyer on (816) 281-0891.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Near Me

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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Near Me

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