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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Putting our loved ones in a nursing home is one of the most challenging decisions many of us will ever make. We trust nursing homes to care for someone we love and provide them with the dignity and respect they deserve. When these caretakers break that trust in the form of abuse or neglect, we find it unacceptable, and the responsible parties must face the law. Choosing an attorney to represent you in court is very important. Here are some reasons why you must not hire just any lawyer to represent your nursing home abuse case in court.

  • Experience: You need to hire an attorney with significant experience in this special area of law because nursing home abuse cases can be complex. 
  • Skillset: You should hire a lawyer who has the skill to handle your particular case, whether it involves malnutrition, bedsores, medication errors, or unexplained falls.
  • Resources: You need to make sure that the attorney you hire has the necessary resources to handle the most complex cases because nursing home negligence cases may require extensive evidence and testimony from experts. 
  • Persistence: Nursing home abuse case requires a lot of sitting in the court and different legitimate framework. The attorney you hire ought to be convincing, legitimate, proficient, and sorted out.
  • Contingency Fee: Hire an attorney who will charge you a contingency fee. This means you will only pay if you get results.

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Nursing Home Abuse Cases We Handle

The attorneys at The Nail Law Firm can handle a wide range of cases, including: 

  • Emotional Abuse: Emotional abuse involves the “willful infliction of emotional or mental anguish,” often through intimidation, threats, or humiliation. 
  • Physical Abuse: Physical abuse involves the use of force in the nursing home, which results in the injury of our loved one. Examples include slapping, hitting, pushing, hair pulling, or restraining improperly.
  • Sexual Abuse: Some nursing home caretakers may force residents to engage in improper activities. This can include any “non-consensual contact of any kind.
  • Active Neglect: This involves the failure of the caretaker to execute their responsibilities. This may include denying residents medical care or withholding water or food. 
  • Neglect: Nursing home staff members are required to monitor those under their care regularly. Failure to perform these responsibilities, i.e., failing to bathe a resident or forgetting to give a resident medicine, is called neglect. 
  • Financial Exploitation: This involves forgery, stealing, and false transferring of a resident’s assets. The resident may be forced into paying the caretakers.

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