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Elder Abuse Attorney

Elder abuse has become rampant than most people think. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics on Elder abuse, one in six people 60 years and older experience abuse. The abuse mostly happens in nursing institutions like long-term-care facilities and nursing homes. Abuse can lead to serious mental and physical consequences. If you suspect a beloved family member is being mistreated in a nursing home to seek advice immediately from an elder abuse attorney. At The Nail Law firm, our elder abuse lawyer is experienced in representing seniors who have suffered from negligence in the hands of their caregivers, and we can help you too.

FAQs About Our Elder Abuse Attorney Services

Deciding to put your parent or a family member in a nursing institution can be difficult but necessary. Unfortunately, they might not be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. If your loved one is being mistreated, you might decide to report the abuse to the department of health and senior services near you to investigate.

Although you might get justice through criminal charges, you may not receive compensation for the injuries and trauma caused. This is why you need an experienced elder abuse and neglect attorney such as ours. Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you understand more about our attorney services.

When Should You File An Elder Injury Lawsuit?

Elder abuse is a reprehensible offense. It takes a lot of trust to place your beloved family member in a nursing facility, and you expect them to be treated well. When a nursing home commits elder abuse, breaching your trust, it’s time to take action. If you suspect your parent is in danger, call your local police department immediately, then contact our elder abuse attorney to discuss filing a personal injury suit. Our finest lawyers will help determine the best course of action for your lawsuit.

What Can Our Elder Abuse Attorney Do For You?

If you believe your parent or beloved family member is being abused and you’re not sure about the legal options you have, we can help you cut through the confusion and find the answers that you seek. Our team of expert attorneys has a wealth of experience in handling various types of elder abuse cases. We understand how the ins and outs of the legal system, and we’ll do everything it takes within legal and ethical bounds to build a strong legal case for you.

How Does A Contingency Fee Work?

Sometimes, lawsuits can be quite expensive. A contingency fee allows for complainants to settle attorney fees by giving the law firm a percentage of the settlement instead of the direct hourly rate. You can work on a contingent-fee agreement with your nursing home abuse lawyer.

Your Dedicated, Aggressive Elder Abuse Attorney

In the real world, very few elder abuse cases manage to get into the courtroom. This is because most people prefer resolution methods such as mediation, which may sometimes fail. If your family member is a victim of physical, emotional, or financial abuse, you should consider filing a lawsuit. Contact the Nail Law Firm for your free consultation with an experienced, top-rated elder abuse attorney on (816) 281-0891.