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Understanding the limitations of liability waivers

Many of the attractions offered in Kansas City require you to sign a liability waiver before experiencing them. Most would assume that the waiver that you are signing protects property owners from any issues that may arise related specifically to the activities they offer. You may not then think that they would cover an accident due to unforeseen circumstances (say, slipping on a wet surface). Many come to us here at The Nail Law Firm in such scenarios questioning just how far a liability waiver extends protection to property owners. 

Applying slip-and-fall liability to different property types

Slip-and-fall cases in Kansas City may seem fairly straightforward: someone slips, falls, is injured, and then sues. Yet there is actually a lot more to these types of liability claims. Every misstep on a slippery surface does not warrant legal action. It may, therefore, help many to avoid any undue stress or concern by understanding which if these situations may merit legal action. 

Where do slip-and-falls actually happen?

Most Missouri residents do not think twice about making a trip to the store or browsing a sale at the local shopping mall. However, when that quick trip turns into an unexpected slip-and-fall accident, who is to blame? While these incidents can be rare and are often difficult to pinpoint, some provide a clear path to the culprit: an icy sidewalk, hidden steps and cluttered aisles are only a few of the causes of these potentially dangerous accidents. 

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