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April 2018 Archives

Understanding the limitations of liability waivers

Many of the attractions offered in Kansas City require you to sign a liability waiver before experiencing them. Most would assume that the waiver that you are signing protects property owners from any issues that may arise related specifically to the activities they offer. You may not then think that they would cover an accident due to unforeseen circumstances (say, slipping on a wet surface). Many come to us here at The Nail Law Firm in such scenarios questioning just how far a liability waiver extends protection to property owners. 

Distracted driving: the facts and the risks

Most Missouri drivers have heard the age-old warnings of driving while distracted, but not everyone takes those warnings into consideration when getting behind the wheel. Although it is possible to enjoy some level of entertainment while making those commutes, it is all too easy to become immersed in them. Below, some of the experts consider which driving practices are safe, and which ones could ultimately result in disaster.  

How does elder financial abuse happen?

Stories of nursing home abuse both in Kansas City and throughout the rest of the country may have you on the lookout for bruises, scars or any other indicators that your loved one could be experiencing such treatment at his or her facility. Unfortunately, not all forms of elder abuse leave visible marks. Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the financial exploitation of the elderly, both by those close to them and their caretakers. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports that an estimated $2.9 billion was stolen from the elderly in 2010 alone (although experts believe those numbers are actually much higher, as many of these cases go unreported). 

Drivers who are likely to fall asleep behind the wheel

Driving seems like such an intensive activity that some people may find it hard to believe that someone can simply fall asleep at the wheel. Yet driving while drowsy is actually a serious problem in the United States, and not just for people who consume alcohol. Depending on your job or current state of health, you may actually be at risk at falling asleep while driving on a Missouri road and getting into an auto accident as a result.

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