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March 2018 Archives

Analyzing the dangers of eating and drinking while driving

Impaired drivers are among the greatest threats encountered on Kansas City's roads. When people hear the term "impaired driver," they likely automatically assume it to mean a motorist that is intoxicated. Yet drivers can be impaired by things other than alcohol. Distractions can greatly inhibit one's driving skills. The use of cell phones while driving is typically pointed to as the most common type of distraction plaguing drivers today. There may be another, however, that is even more widespread yet still equally as dangerous. 

A look at the safety of hands-free cellphones

Although it is not illegal to use a hand-held cellphone while driving in Missouri, a number of people have turned to using hands-free cellphones in an attempt to reduce distracted driving. Hands-free devices allow motorists to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel while driving. Yet are hands-free cellphones really safer to use than their hand-held counterparts? A study released by AAA found that the hands-free cellphones still create a significant amount of cognitive distraction, which can lead to motor vehicle accidents.

How do I choose a good nursing home for my relative?

If you find yourself contemplating nursing homes in the Kansas City area for an elderly relative, you might have a few questions in mind, such as: “How do I know if the place I choose for my family member is right?” Or, “How will I know it is safe?” These are valid questions anyone should have when considering nursing home living. You are aware of the dangers of nursing home and assisted-living center abuse, which is why you want to ensure the home your relative moves into protects him or her from it. 

Applying slip-and-fall liability to different property types

Slip-and-fall cases in Kansas City may seem fairly straightforward: someone slips, falls, is injured, and then sues. Yet there is actually a lot more to these types of liability claims. Every misstep on a slippery surface does not warrant legal action. It may, therefore, help many to avoid any undue stress or concern by understanding which if these situations may merit legal action. 

Signs That a Nursing Home May Be Negligent

If you have a loved one in a Kansas City nursing home, you no doubt expect top-quality care in all respects. While many facilities take the health and safety of their residents seriously, in some cases serious neglect can occur. Being able to identify potential issues, such as those listed by, helps family members make sure that loved ones are being treated with love and compassion. The following are just a few things to be on the lookout for.

Collision with pedestrian results in Sugar Creek man's arrest

While the side of a busy road or freeway in Kansas City is certainly not a preferable place to stop and exit a vehicle, sometimes drivers may be left with no choice. Their close proximity to speeding vehicles puts them at a heightened risk for an accident. Thus, many states have enacted "move over" laws which require passing motorists to move over as far as safety permits in order to provide drivers stranded on the side of the road with a wide berth. Unfortunately, not everyone on the road may be aware of this obligation. 

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