Personal Injury

A personal injury due to the negligence of someone else is always disorienting. These injuries can turn your normal life upside-down. A vehicle crash on the highway, a fall in a store or parking lot, or any number of incidents involving medical malpractice may leave you with painful, life-changing injuries.

We Look Out For Your Interests

Worse, you then find yourself attempting to obtain compensation for those injuries, confused by insurance companies, medical professionals and their lawyers, all denying liability. Who is looking out for your interests?

The Nail Law Firm is experienced in representing the rights of the injured with a wide variety of personal injury cases in Kansas City. During the last decade, our attorneys have investigated and litigated cases for many individuals who have been injured by negligence throughout Missouri, whether caused by a distracted driver texting or a doctor who misdiagnosed a serious medical condition.

Our Attorneys Will Protect Your Rights

When an incident occurs and someone is hurt, there are often questions about whether the injury was due to negligence or recklessness. Our skilled lawyers listen to your facts and explain how the law may be applied to your circumstances and your legal options.

We understand the importance of compensation for your recovery from your injuries. After an accident, you may be dealing with ongoing health issues, rehabilitation, medication needs, additional surgeries or psychological counseling to aid in your recovery. You may be unable to work and having difficulty paying your bills. We work to discover all potential sources of compensation and develop claims that account for all of your damages, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished physical or mental abilities
  • Lost wages

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We offer free initial consultations for you to meet our legal team and get started with your case. Personal injury claims are subject to deadlines and waiting too long could make filing a case more difficult and could cost you your claim altogether. Call816-251-1001 to schedule your consultation, or reach out online to make an appointment.