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No one ever chooses to become involved in a personal injury case. Whether injured by the negligence of a doctor or nurse by medical malpractice, in a car or truck accident, or subjected to nursing home abuse or neglect, you or your loved one has suffered harm.

We Have The Experience To Handle Your Case

After an injury, you may not fully understand the process necessary to obtain justice and compensation for that harm. Obtaining compensation from a personal injury case is complex, full of technical rules and procedures. You may be overwhelmed, dealing with medical issues, confused by insurance company representatives or lawyers.

The award-winning trial lawyers at The Nail Law Firm know how you feel and they can help. With many years of experience handling complex personal injury cases, we can explain the law, how it applies to your claim and the steps necessary to obtain compensation you and your family need.

Our Attorneys:

Most individuals have little experience with attorneys, litigation, the law and courts. When circumstances place you into a situation where you have little choice, knowing where to turn and which actions to take can be daunting.

Details Matter In Personal Injury Cases

Our lawyers understand this, and we take the time to carefully listen to your story and what has happened to you or your family. We will discuss with you your legal options and explain the potential for recovery and compensation. We know you are less interested in the procedural details and legal technicalities that you just want to get better and you want "justice" for the wrongs you have suffered.

We handle the legal details. As, experienced, skilled legal professionals, we lift the burden and stress of dealing with the courts, insurance companies, other lawyers, experts and investigators. We work to ensure you understand what is happening in your case and are always available to answer your questions about your case.

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We offer free initial consultations for you to meet our lawyers and speak to us about your case. Personal injury claims are subject to time limits that could leave you without a case if you wait too long to file. Call816-251-1001 to schedule your consultation at one of our Missouri offices, or use our online form to make an appointment.